Refund & Return Policy


You have 28 days to send something back to us from the day you get it.

We will:

markdown you the worth you paid for the Products. Regardless, if it’s all the same to you note that We may diminish your markdown to reflect any abatement in the estimation of the Products if this has been achieved by your managing them in a way that would not be permitted in a shop. If We markdown you the cost paid before We can research the Products and later discover you have dealt with them in an unacceptable way, you should pay us an appropriate total; and

markdown any charges you have paid for the transport of the Products to you, despite the way that the most outrageous rebate for movement costs will be the most moderate movement strategy We offer to your transport objective; and

make any limits in light of you by the procedure you used for portion:

14 days after the day on which We get the Products over from you or, accepting earlier, the day on which you outfit us with confirmation that you have sent the Products back to us; or

14 days after you instruct us with respect to your decision to drop the Contract

If you are a purchaser, We are under a legal commitment to supply Products that are disjointedness with the Contract. Nothing in these terms and conditions will impact your real rights as indicated by Products that are broken or defective.

If you consider that any Product We have given is broken or misdescribed, you should let us know at

If you find that your thing is broken after 14 days, we keep up all positions to request verification, for instance, photos of the distortion, before giving any markdown of the cost paid just as any related transport costs.

We may end the Contract at whatever point by staying in contact with you if:

you don’t make any portion to us when it is normal;

you don’t, inside a reasonable time of us mentioning it, outfit us with information that is significant for us to give the Products; or

you don’t, inside a reasonable time, grant us to pass on the Products to you.

We will limit any money you possess paid in front of energy for the Products We have not given at this point We may deduct or charge you reasonable compensation for the costs We will procure in view of your breaking the Contract.

In case you require extra information, connect with us at