Terrace as a workshop or kitchen

March 25, 2020 0 By adminski

Outdoor workshop – working on the terrace
For hobby craftsmen and do-it-yourself fans, the terrace with plenty of space is a good addition to the often rather cramped workshop and offers many advantages. A lot can be achieved with small tools.

Larger workpieces can be finally assembled and painted here, which is also less stressful for the airways. A film greenhouse, which can be set up if required, offers favorable services as dust protection.

A robust multifunction table not only invites you to eat, it also survives a few nicks without problems.

Boxes for chair cushions are also suitable for storing materials that should be quickly at hand.

Power connection and good lighting are not negligible factors for relaxed work. Finer activities in poor light strain the eyes and reduce relaxation, which is one of the goals alongside the finished craft product.

Outdoor kitchen – the terrace as a kitchen addition
Cooking outdoors means more than just barbecuing. An everyday compulsory task becomes entertaining fun for young and old in the friendly season.
Children do not have to be so careful not to get too much dirt and enjoy snipping more. Everyone is in the fresh air and can enjoy the beautiful weather before eating.

Practical, odor-intensive dishes prepared outdoors leave the house without annoying smells, even when cooking, it is more pleasant and clothes take less of it. Of course, you should be considerate of your neighbors and not envelop the entire area in a cloud of fried fish for days.

A decorative windbreak to the next property can contribute a lot to peace for frequent cookers.