Garden maintenance in winter – frost damage to the lawn

March 25, 2020 0 By adminski

In snow and frost, the garden has a winter break and is best left alone. This applies particularly to the lawns. If the delicate stalks are deeply frozen and lie under a blanket of snow, they can break under pressure, we break glass. Therefore, it is best not to enter the lawn, and certainly not with heavy winter boots.

The lawns are therefore taboo, because where the lawn has been damaged, brown, mushy spots form. This looks very dramatic at first, but mostly only the green stalks are destroyed and the roots in the soil remain intact. As soon as the days get longer, the temperatures rise and the lawn gets more hours of sunshine, the stalks can grow back and after about four weeks the frost damage has grown out again.

Avoid permanent frost damage
So that the brown spots do not become a problem in spring and summer, there are a few things to consider. Most important rule, do not step on the same places too often. We all know that, you always have a certain path from A to B across the lawn. A garden path is often not an alternative since we want a coherent lawn.

Especially in winter, however, this can permanently damage the lawn. The walkway first turns brown and then bald. If the path is pushed out further, we will churn the ground and destroy the network of grass roots underneath. This affects the so-called vegetation point, where the stalks branch. Anyone who walks over the snow not only kinks the stalks, but also compresses the snow into ice, thereby depriving the lawn of oxygen.

Sow bare patches from April
If the lawn shows bare and brown spots, the garden owner usually has no choice but to remove the dead spots. If there is no more night frost in April, these spots can be sown again. A particularly fast growing variety is Lolium perenne (German ryegrass). It germinates very quickly, thereby preventing weeds from spreading. Later the other lawn grasses grow between the seeds and a lawn mixture is created, as on the rest of the lawn mixture.

Healthy lawns with expert help
Healthy, green lawns, free of moss and weeds. So every garden owner wants his lawn. With the right care and preparation, it is guaranteed to work. Talk to us without obligation, we look forward to hearing from you.