Fire in the garden – a trend with countless possibilities

March 25, 2020 0 By adminski

Open fire only in the garden only in the grill? Those days are over. The crackling and flickering flames with their beautiful colors and shadows create a great ambience in every garden. The look alone does not make the blaze of fire interesting, it is the diverse uses of the various fireplaces that make it so appealing. When is open fire allowed in the garden?

Sit comfortably in a nice circle around a crackling fire while roasting something delicious. It is simply part of mild summer evenings, but winter barbecuing is also great fun in winter with a nice hot mulled wine. So that the open fire does not become a danger or cause disputes among the neighbors, there are a few things you should consider.

An open fire at a fireplace or in a fire basket can possibly start a fire. The smoke development is many times stronger than with normal grilling with coal and can quickly lead to a neighborhood dispute. Therefore, you should absolutely adhere to the legal requirements.

Fire in the garden must be registered
Whether you can light a fire in your own garden and what you have to consider is regulated differently in each federal state and then again in the individual municipalities. A call to the responsible public order office immediately brings clarity and the fire has been properly registered so that the neighbors cannot complain.

Small and secured fires, such as in fire bowls or fire baskets, are generally not subject to approval. However, they must not pose a fire risk and the smoke development must be limited. It is particularly important to pay attention to the risk of flying sparks. If you live in a community with thatched roof houses in the immediate vicinity, you should definitely inform yourself about the local fire protection regulations.

Can I burn garbage and garden waste in the garden?
In some federal states such as Berlin, Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Hamburg, the burning of garden waste, i.e. leaves, branches and pruning is not allowed. There are always exemptions for individual municipalities and municipalities. For example, there are special times or days when it is allowed. A call to the responsible city or municipal administration brings light into the dark here too.

Normal garbage or varnished and processed wooden parts of furniture, floor coverings such as laminate and all plastic-containing objects must not be burned under any circumstances. There can be an immense amount of smoke and an enormous environmental impact from toxic fumes and particle residues.

Garden design with fire
Fire has been a vital part of human life since the beginning of time. In our modern times, we crave more than ever for the security and romance of flickering flames. Not only tiled stoves and fireplaces are becoming more and more popular, especially fireplaces in the garden are making a huge comeback – from bricked or mobile, from small to large. There are no limits to the possibilities with materials such as stone, metal and glass. No matter in which design style, for every garden ambience there is a fantastic opportunity to stage the flickering flames of a fireplace.